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NTI is considered the main center for the introduction of the most updated means of training for those employed in the field of health care all over Egypt where the state-of-the-art technology is used in theoretical and practical training and in distance learning.

NTI Vision :
To enhance the quality of human life through improved health care by providing innovative training and education for health care professionals and to be a leading international training organization.

NTI Mission
NTI seeks the provision of the most updated means of training at local, regional and international leavels

  • Providing the highest level of continuous medical training for all health care professionals
  • Disseminating the training programs to cover local, Arabic and international needs.
  • To implement the most updated technology in e-learning, video conferences and simulated training labs.
  • Joining and cooperating with medical faculties and medical authorities both at local and international levels.
  • Physicians (leaders, directors, consultant, specialists, and presidents) in all medical specialties.
  • Pharmacists and dentists
  • Nurses (Head-nurses, supervisors, practice nurses, heads & teachers in nursing schools)
  • Technicians (Labs, radiology) and emergency medical technicians
  • Administrators and secretaries


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